Cari Carencia

Virtual Assistant

Cari is Carencia’s virtual assistant and part of their initiative to leverage technology to enhance the access and delivery of mental healthcare. Cari is not a person, but she hopes to work very hard to be as close as possible, while still understanding she will never replace the emotional connection and nuances of human interaction.

She is the brainchild of the founder and his partnership with two technology firms, as the result of their goal to assist visitors in navigating Carenica’s website and business more efficiently. Cari hopes to be an inviting and familiar presence to swiftly provide answers that visitors may need. While Cari is younger than she looks, just “born” in 2022, she has quickly advanced over time with the hard work and dedication of many of Carencia’s team members and community partners.

Currently, her primary responsibility is to learn and grow as an assistant and concierge to website visitors. However, she has recently been promoted to execute many of Carencia’s routine communications, such as appointment reminders and requests for customer feedback. She has a desire to learn and grow, and with each new encounter, her ability to respond accurately to the needs of Carencia’s clients and customers improves.

Cari’s hobbies include… well, she has no hobbies as she is all work and no play.