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By balancing a person-centered approach with clinical strategies, we’re empowering people to achieve mental wellness.

Our Philosophy

We take a full-person approach to mental healthcare services, emphasizing the ‘care’ portion of healthcare, and not just because it’s the first syllable of our name.

In practice, that means smaller patient-to-provider ratios, longer appointment times, and a dedication to more empathetic patient interactions.

It’s our feeling that mental health & wellness is on par with physical health, and is radically undervalued in our culture. We believe we’re helping to create a world that prioritizes mental wellness in addition to medical treatment.

We’re biased, but we think that’s the world most people want to live in.

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The Story of Our Brand

In bullfighting, the carencia is the safe space the bull carves out for itself, the location where it feels most comfortable, empowered, and poised for success.

That combination of safety and strength is precisely the environment we provide our patients, minus the bulls of course.

Visually, our brand is built around concentric circles and quotation marks. The concentric circles represent the many related layers of mental healthcare that we’ve endeavored to combine under one name.

To address a patient’s biology, beliefs, and behavior, we have to provide therapy, psychiatric services, and medication management. Those additional layers of care are represented by concentric circles.

The quotation marks speak clearly to the therapy we offer. Unlike psychiatric practices, which typically involve a single consultation followed by medication and 15-minute check-ins, our extended therapy sessions allow us to truly evaluate and treat the whole person.

Beyond that, the quotation marks also reference the voice we’re creating in our community. By offering thought leadership and impactful resources, we’re changing the conversation around mental healthcare.

Carencia Core Values


We treat our patients like people, plain and simple. A compassionate approach always yields the most powerful change.


We approach our patients as people, allowing our personal life experiences and the challenges therein inform our care.


Our dedication is unflappable. We work hard and tirelessly to increase the access to care in our community and the quality of the care itself.


We are never done learning. Our dedication to our community is empowered by a dedication to continued education.

The History of Our Practice

Carencia Mental Healthcare was created after Jesse Tucker spent years extensively working in large & small mental healthcare settings, both in direct-care and leadership roles.

As he gained a greater understanding of how mental health is handled at the institutional level, he developed a desire to return to a more personalized, person-centric care model.

Wanting to provide a convenient continuity of mental healthcare with a humanistic approach, he founded Carencia.

From the outset, Carencia’s goal has been to teach its audience about the importance of mental health, provide them with powerful resources, and empower them with empathetic care.

Our practice is unique in that we provide both psychotherapy and medically-informed services under one roof and by the same provider.

Even if there is already a therapist on your treatment team, our awareness of the importance of psycho-social aspects of mental health allows us to work synergistically with them and add value.

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Our Mission Is

To use mental healthcare as a tool that empowers people through their thinking, behavior, and biology

Our Vision Is

To help foster a world that prioritizes mental health by bringing awareness and services to the community.

The Carencia Team

We are people, not just providers. We view each patient as a person first, not as an appointment or a list of prescriptions. We are passionate about finding the most effective way to serve each individual, and providing them with access to the tools & resources that can help them indefinitely.

Where We Practice

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Contact the Carencia Team

Physical Address: 1215 W. Randol Mill Rd. Arlington, Texas 76012

Mailing Address: PO BOX 121592 Arlington, TX 76012

Phone: (682) 478-5333

Fax: (682) 499-7705

Email: hello@carencia.com

Interested in Joining the Team?

We’re looking for experienced individuals who care deeply about mental health.
If that’s you, send your CV to JoinTeam@carencia.com and tell us why you’re a good fit!