Jesse Tucker

Texas, South Dakota, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona

Jesse Tucker is the founder of Carencia Mental Healthcare, acting as both a provider and a hopeful visionary whose sights are set on expanding access to mental healthcare services across the community. He is a board-certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with an advanced certification in Addiction Nursing. He’s also furthered his training through the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Before Carencia, and in addition to various clinical positions, Jesse served as Regional Director of Nursing for an addiction treatment organization and Chief Operations Officer for a local outpatient services business.

Jesse’s treatment philosophy is founded on the principle of treating patients as people first and approaching them as a person, rather than a provider. His greatest passion is uncovering the means for a person to improve the quality of their life, and he never tires of joining them on that journey. Jesse also believes in taking a multi-faceted approach to mental health, rather than focusing on a singular path to wellness.

When not pursuing a world that prioritizes mental health, Jesse spends time with his wife and three beautiful children. He’s passionate about being outdoors, working out, traveling, and reading. His reading materials typically consist of psychology-related texts and philosophy.

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