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Mental Healthcare Services in South Dakota

Mental health statistics in South Dakota are on par with the rest of the United States, in recent years. In 2019-2020 adults in South Dakota reported that 21.3% of all adults reported a mental illness, which is similar to the overall United States number of 19.9%. Despite these numbers, mental healthcare still has as stigma attached that keeps thousands of South Dakotans to never seek treatment.

Mental health issues affect almost all of us in some way or another in our lives and Carencia understands that struggle. We provide a safe space to adults, from all walks of life, to help lessen the stigma and build a solid mental health foundation.

Online Therapy in South Dakota

We understand how difficult it can be to attend traditional therapy sessions. You have to get time off from work and find transportation or babysitting. It can be a real hassle. Throw in the added stigma that mental health can carry with some people and you have a recipe to make mental health troubles worse, not better.

At Carencia, we operate a different way. For people looking for mental health services in South Dakota, we offer the option of online mental health counseling. You can attend your sessions from the comfort of your own home, reduce stress, and increase comfort.

Our completely online therapy uses the latest technology to conduct sessions through a completely secure portal. We are currently licensed by the state of South Dakota to operate our telehealth services. With this technology, Carencia can turn any space into a safe space.

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Our qualified team specializes in the following areas:

The Carencia Team

We are people, not just providers. We view each patient as a person first, not as an appointment or a list of prescriptions. We are passionate about finding the most effective way to serve each individual, and providing them with access to the tools & resources that can help them indefinitely.

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