Carencia Financial Policies

Service Fees

We currently accept many types of insurance. Please click on your state below and scroll to the “Insurance Accepted” section to see which types of insurance we accept in your state.

If you are uninsured, we have you covered! Please see the fees below.

Appointment Length

We keep our patient-to-provider ratio low and our appointment times extended. All appointment lengths exceed the standard.

From the Carencia Team

An Honest Approach to Billing & Fees

Finances can be a subject that medical practices avoid discussing. At Carencia, our financial transparency is a point of pride. We know that the intersection of financial realties and empathy is complicated, logistically and emotionally, so we’ve chosen to address this dilemma directly.

As our financial agreement states, we will charge the card we have on file to take care of your balance with us, including late cancel and missed appointment fees. We understand that late cancels and missed appointments can occur for many reasons, but the way in which they impact us goes beyond economics. It also means we’ve missed an opportunity to assist another patient during that same time. It’s our sincere hope that you understand our perspective.

If you do not see a charge on your card for a missed appointment or late cancelation, please expect a request for payment at your next visit.

Initial Mental Health/Psychiatric Appointment


60-90 minute appointment to gather history, build rapport, and to address initial treatment needs.

Therapy Appointment With a Licensed Counselor


60-minute appointment.

Therapy Appointment With a Psychiatric Provider


60-minute appointment.

Follow-Up Medication Management


30-minute follow-up appointment.