Carencia Cares

Creating A Community That Prioritizes Mental Health

In addition to providing a continuity of mental healthcare, Carencia is also passionate about providing community services that promote mental wellness for all.

These public initiatives are aimed at improving the reach and quality of mental healthcare services, as well as the public’s knowledge and access to those services.

Through strategic partnerships with healthcare organizations, municipalities, non-profits, and private enterprises, we’re working to create a society that destigmatizes mental health issues and treats mental healthcare as an extension of physical healthcare.

We are currently looking for our next community partner! If your organization has a passion for changing the perception of mental healthcare in our community, we encourage you to reach out to our team today.

Community Engagement

Our team is passionate about serving our communities in pursuit of a world that prioritizes mental health. We believe it is simply our social responsibility to lead the change in the endeavor, starting in our own hometowns.

We are looking for any and all local leaders, whether they be business people or elected municipal officials, who are aligned in our vision. We have deep experience helping organizations implement mental wellness programs within their four walls, as well as assisting local government in the implementation of city-wide mental healthcare endeavors.

In addition to action-oriented community engagement, we also believe in community education through speaking engagements.

The Carencia team has experience speaking to private audiences, in public forums, and to municipal audiences regarding mental health topics of all kinds.

To learn more about community partnerships and speaking engagement opportunities, please email

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