Welcome to Carencia.com!

Whether you’re a former Maestro Healthcare patient or someone new to our practice, we’re so excited to have you here. This new website represents the beginning of something big in mental healthcare. Since our founding, we’ve been focused on creating a community that prioritizes mental health and removes the stigmas surrounding it. Carencia exists to pursue that vision wholeheartedly.

Building a Mental Health Brand

The medical industry as a whole has an odd relationship with brand identity. You see massive healthcare chains and pharmaceutical companies roll out immersive brand strategies, but conversely, small practices and providers have little to no brand identity in place.

The healthcare organizations that people interact with most often and who are most embedded in our communities somehow are the ones lacking a unique voice in the marketplace. In this blog, we’ll explore this topic, the value of branding to the smaller healthcare providers, and how this informed Carencia’s decision to take branding seriously.

Navigating Relationship Issues During Coronavirus

While being stranded on a private island with your spouse may sound romantic, being quarantined in your home with your spouse for months brings that fantasy into a warped reality quickly. Many of us are trying to navigate a relationship that up until a few months ago had a working routine, healthy time apart, and snuggling on the couch to watch a movie was a treat.

Mentorship and its Mission in Clinical Education

Students and professionals alike desperately desire to continue learning and advancing in their education and profession. When considering where to obtain clinical hours or forge ahead in professional growth, other than meeting mandatory requirements and desiring an improved knowledge base, was the mentoring process examined?

6 Tips to Manage Mental Health During Coronavirus

Most of us are experiencing enhanced fears, worries, and stress during this unprecedented and unpredictable time in our world. Many of us are wrapping up “distance learning” with our children, are unable to see loved ones, are waiting to find out the status of employment, are struggling to work from home, or have been financially impacted by the virus crisis.